The National Minority Business Council, Inc. (NMBC), Monroe College
and The Bank of New York Mellon have created the NMBC Executive
Management Program for Minority & Women Business Owners

A five track comprehensive educational program and practicum to prepare business owners and their
senior staffs to grow and compete in the Global Economy. Program workshops will be taught by working
professionals who are experts in their fields and who understand the needs of entrepreneurs to be able
to take back what they learn in the classroom and apply it immediately to their businesses.


  1. Management, Leadership & Strategic Planning
    1. Personal financial planning and wealth building strategies
    2. Developing personal leadership skills
    3. Special issues of minority and women owned businesses
    4. Strategic planning & managing risk
  2. Growth Strategy & Financial Management
    1. Business plan development
    2. Accounting principles, financial analysis and cash flow management
    3. Business valuation, banking relations, preparing a loan package
    4. Raising private equity, venture capital
  3. Brand Management & Marketing Strategy
    1. Developing a customer focused sales strategy
    2. Selling and sales negotiating tactics
    3. Developing marketing, advertising and communications strategies
    4. eMarketing & social media
  4. Procurement, Alliances & Compliance
    1. Negotiating supply contracts
    2. Strategic supplier partnerships & alliances
    3. Responding to a bid invitation, preparing an RFP
    4. Survey of business, employment & intellectual property laws
  5. Human Resource Strategy & Development
    1. Talent acquisition and human resources management
    2. Managing a technology based business
    3. Risk management principles
    4. Information systems for business owners

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Click here for the press release.


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